Monday, December 8, 2014

My Big Post-Surgery Goal

In 2016, I will run a half-marathon at Disney World.

New Year's Eve, 2010
This, my friends, is my big recovery goal. I'm really excited about this for many reasons (awesome RunDisney community, running in Disney themed outfits, getting back in shape), but there are three in particular that really make this a goal I am excited to work towards.

Awesome Reason #1
This gives me a very definite physical recovery goal from my surgery. Rather than the ambiguous "I hope I get better" I've now got numbers to work towards. Specifically, running 13.1 miles.

Awesome Reason #2
Along the way, working actively towards this goal will encourage me to establish healthy lifestyle habits, from drinking enough water every day to staying physically active.

Awesome Reason #3
I'm not going to run it alone. My husband and sister-in-law have already agreed to run with me, and I think I've got at least my mom convinced as well.

This blog will be my documentation of my progress along the way. As with any good goal, there should be benchmarks that you set for yourself along the way. Here are some of mine, all of which can and will be adjusted based on how soon my doctor allows me to begin exercising again.

Milestone #1
Complete bed rest, ideally over on December 17. That's when I have my post-op visit with the Doctor, and hopefully he'll give me permission to start moving around some. Obviously I'll still have to rest, but I'm hoping that I can be a little more mobile.

Milestone #2
In my ideal happy world this will also happen on the 17th, but if not then soon after I want to complete my first workout. Before the surgery, I practiced walking on a treadmill with arm-less crutch. Definitely not running, but it will get me working back towards being physically active.

Milestone #3
Successfully complete doctor ordered physical therapy. I've done PT before so I know that this is not a long or easy process, but if I communicate my big goal with the physical therapists, they can help me find the best options to get myself ready for my race.

Milestone #4
Run for one mile without stopping. Seems simple on the face, but I'm not expecting this to happen before the spring.

Milestone #5
Race a 5K and a 10k with a 16 minute mile max time. I haven't run a race since high school, so I want a couple under my belt before I go for the half marathon. Plus, Disney wants qualifying times from a 10k, so I'll need to do at least one before the big race!

What do you think? Have you broken your big goals down into milestones?

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