Thursday, December 11, 2014

All American Surgery Recovery - Week One Recap

Wiggling my toes as the pain block wore off. Oh how naive I was to think that was a good thing!
One week ago yesterday we went in for All American surgery on my left foot. The week has actually gone surprisingly fast, but I was also in the hospital for about 34 hours so the first two days were pretty much a blur. I wanted to take some time to look back at the last week and write out what worked, what I would have done differently, and what I've learned. Bad stuff first, then we'll get to the good I promise!

What I Would Have Done Differently - Communicate
I wish I had communicated better with the nursing staff about my stomach's disagreement with narcotics. All of the first three shifts knew and talked with me about this. Unfortunately, the morning after the surgery when the pain block wore off and we needed to start the meds, the nurses weren't aware of the issue and I wasn't mentally aware enough to question the meds they gave me. This caused a snowball of issues, including a day spent sick in the hospital followed by a very painful night at home without adequate pain management coverage.

What is Frustrating - Lack of Independence
Having to ask help, especially for basic, little, silly things is the WORST. More frustrating than anything was my husband having to drive the normally twenty minute drive to the doctor's office to get my new prescription, through freezing rain, only to find their clinic closed. I actually burst into tears when he got home, but I was so angry that I'd had to ask him to drive in dangerous conditions for something I could normally do myself.

What I'm Looking Forward To - Mobility
If you read the frustration one, you can see why this is important. Next Wednesday I have my post-surgical appointment. I'm hoping he'll tell me that I can start using my armless crutch on the treadmill.

What is Working - Daily Planning
I'm making a list each evening of things to accomplish each day, then adjusting it into a schedule when I wake up. Every day I have one "big" task. It isn't big at all, its something like wrapping the Christmas presents or sorting and filing papers, but they take a surprisingly large amount of my energy. I'm also devoting time every day to writing, reading, crafting, and some gentle stretching. The schedule is flexible, so when I get a little worn out and take a nap I can adjust as necessary.

What I've Accomplished - Finger Knitting
I actually made my first scarf. I've never been one for handwork, but I figured being low on money and long on time, this was a good time to try to make some Christmas gifts. I also have a crochet hook somewhere, I might try to dig that out tomorrow and give it a go.

Next Week's Goal
Start to get a little physical again (walking on the treadmill, please!) but not pushing it to the point of a set back.

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