Saturday, January 3, 2015

Disney Movie Half Marathon

I love Disney, as anybody who knows me is aware. And although I am moving around a lot more now, I'm still pretty limited. I can do a quick trip to the grocery store as long as I come back and sleep for a few hours. This afternoon, we're actually going to try a quick trip to the mall to return some Christmas clothes. I probably will just do the returns, and save trying on a lot of things for later on in the week. That's been a big lesson I'm trying to get better at learning, if it is possible to break activities down into smaller bites, do that!

So while I'm still spending most of my time on the couch, I decided that in honor of my goal to run a Disney half-marathon, I'd do my own version: watching a half marathon's worth of Disney movies. Now, I could go by the 16 minute minimum pace for 13.1 miles and find 209.6 minutes worth of movies, but that is so few! Instead, I've selected one movie for each mile, plus my favorite Disney short for little extra tacked on at the end. Granted, Silly Symphonies is years worth of shorts, but you can't pick just one! This time around, I went with the films that absolutely everyone should see in order to truly have a well-rounded Disney experience.

Mile 1 - Aladdin
Mile 4 - Cinderella
Mile 5 - Dumbo
Mile 6 - Fantasia
Mile 7 - Lion King
Mile 8 - Little Mermaid
Mile 9 - Pinocchio
Mile 10 - Peter Pan
Mile 11 - Sleeping Beauty
Mile 12 - Snow White
Mile 13 - Toy Story
The Extra .1 - Silly Symphonies

What do you think? Are these the top 13.1 classic Disney films? What am I missing? Check back, as I'm already planning a musical list, one for my lesser-known favorites, live action, animated, Pixar, really the possibilities are endless. Is there another category you'd like to see in an upcoming post?

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