Monday, January 5, 2015

All American Surgery Recovery - One Month Update

Happiest of happy new year's to you. I hope your 2015 has gotten off to a great start. We had a lovely but quiet New Year's Eve with a great couple who I've really gotten to know over the last year. The husbands work together, and I'm really glad we've gotten closer! I was even made this awesome cast cover, making it officially the coolest NYE gift of all time.

I am now officially at the one month point in my recovery. It has definitely been a long haul, and there is still a long way to go, but if I step back I can see that I am making progress. Here's the rundown!

What I Would Have Done Differently - Girl Date
I love my husband, pretty much more than anything. But he took this entire week off of work, and that meant he was here every day. And as much as that was great, I've missed having some girlfriend time. My two local besties have been out of town, but they're both back and I am so excited to hang out with them!

What is Frustrating - SNOW
On Saturday, we were planning on going to the mall to return/exchange some Christmas clothes that weren't quite the perfect fit. But, when I came out of the bathroom after getting ready, I looked outside to see a steady stream of snowflakes falling. I am pretty steady on my peg leg, but I am absolutely not ready to test it out on the snow yet. Being cooped up inside is a bummer, but I'd rather do that right now than risk falling.

What I'm Looking Forward To - Running Errands
As I'm moving off of the heavier pain meds, I can finally start driving again! This means little silly errands that I've been depending on my husband and friends for. Trips to the post office, the grocery store, and wandering around Target. I'm just bummed I'm missing all of the post-Christmas sales!

What is Working - Med Weaning
I am really looking forward to being done with the hydrocodone. I have to be so vigilant about when I take it and with what. At this point, if I'm staying in and relaxing for the day, I can usually get by without it, using the tramadol instead. Hopefully I'll be able to get off of it entirely within the next week or two!

What I've Accomplished - First Trip to the Gym
On Friday, I made my first visit back to my gym. It was so exciting! The hubby made me pinkie promise before I went that I wouldn't use the treadmill. I stuck to my promise, but I did do some upper body lifting, then some mat work. I've been doing some pilates at home, but it was great being able to add weights to it. If the roads aren't too slick tonight, I'm going to go back and do more!

This Week's Goal
I am hoping to get out of the apartment at least once every day, even if it is only going to the mailbox and back. I'll have to be a little careful with the weather, as we're looking like we may have some snow and ice, but I really need to get out!

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