Monday, May 9, 2016

Hello from the other side

I won't write much now as I'm on some pretty serious pain meds and quite exhausted to boot, but today's surgery was very successful. The ligament was very thin, but the doctor was pleasantly surprised by how little scar tissue was in the area. Just goes to show why sticking with a PT who does a lot of hands-on manipulation is a good thing!

Internet, meet Alexander Hamilcat
For now, I'm parked on the couch with my Netflix subscription, and a DVR full of Kim Possible episodes (thank you Freeform!!!), the newest book in the  Percy Jackson universe, The Trials of Apollo, and a fridge full of yogurt, applesauce, Bai drinks (my post-Diet Coke world beverage of choice).  Added to that, our family has a new addition who I am hoping to slowly coax onto the couch for some cuddling. He's a little shy so far, but even since he came home on Friday has warmed up considerably. Plus, I've got the next two weeks at home on the couch to get to know him even better!

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  1. I'm glad to see you made it through this one as well! I was checking regularly for a post-op update. I figured I take a moment to update you on my progress as well :)

    Today is 77 days since my All American left foot reconstruction. I've been totally boot free for 5 days now, I am walking in a regular tennis shoe now. The ankle and heel are still pretty sore and stiff at times, but its coming along. The Doctor and PT are pleased with my tendon strength and relative lack of swelling. PT began 4 weeks ago, and it is going well. I enjoy it.

    I still wear a Richie brace on my right foot, but its nice to have ditched all devices for my left foot. There have even been days where my right foot is worse than my left - progress!

    Thanks for your updates. Its been helpful for me throughout this process.

    1. Hi Mike! Thank you so much for the update, I was wondering how you were doing. So glad to hear you are out of the boot. Isn't it so exciting to get to wear shoes again! I love PT, can't wait to start back up again (I'm weird that way, sounds like you are as well). How is the Richie brace? I wore something similar back when I played volleyball but haven't this time around, might look into it for when I'm out doing gardening and the like so I can avoid reinjuring and going through all this again.

      And thank you, truly, for saying thanks. It is nice to hear that this has helped even just one person.

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    3. I had to edit my first post due to atrocious writing on my part...

      This link is fairly close the custom Richie brace I currently wear on my right foot:

      The only differences are that mine has a closed back behind the ankle, one large velcro strap in front, and a full length foot bottom instead of 3/4. They casted both feet last August, and I received braces for both feet. They do sell OTC ones as well.

      I do feel they helped, but my foot pain was only increasing over time so it was a sort of band aid for me. I had the All American on my left foot after wearing the Richie braces for 6 months without real relief. With the braces, I could walk about a mile (it might be painful), but jogging was completely out of the question. Taking the stairs barefoot in my home was also painful and challenging (still is).

      I've had a few days where my right foot hurts worse than my left (surgery foot) already, and we are hoping those days will increase. We are targeting February for the All American on my right foot, but its still a long road ahead. Fortunately, my surgeon, my PT, and my family, and I are happy with the progress so far.

  2. How are you recovering so far? I'm 5 days post brostrum.

    1. Hi Alena! I hope your recovery is going smoothly. I just posted an update, thanks for the nudge!