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April 2016 Stitch Fix

Alice Blue Simona Henley Blouse
In light of scheduling my third (and please, final) ankle surgery, I decided to sign up for my first Stitch Fix. I'd actually registered for an account like two years ago, but had never pulled the trigger, but really needed an emotional boost and hoped that some cute new clothes would help.

Here's how Stitch Fix works. At its most basic, you pay a $20 styling fee, get matched with a stylist, let them know your style, and they send you five pieces whenever you request a fix based on your profile. If you buy any of those pieces, your styling fee gets refunded. Pretty simple, right?

I like it because it seems like they do try to get to know your style, and it also seems like the more fixes you receive, the better they get to know you. Right off the bat, you take a "Style Profile" quiz that asks you your measurements, how you like your clothing to fit, and has you look at photo groups of various types of styles; romantic, casual, glam, boho, etc, and rank how much you do or do not like them. They also ask where you want to focus your wardrobe. Are you looking to build more of a work wardrobe? More going out clothes? More pieces for the weekend? And how much do you want to spend? For me, across the board, cheaper is better, but maybe you want to invest in some really good quality pieces. I like that they give you that option.

From there, they ask you to give them the link to a Pinterest board. They have their own account with plenty of pins to choose from, but you can, of course, browse on your own. They also suggest that you actually comment on everything you pin to that board so your stylist knows why you like the things you are pinning. You can check out my Pinterest board!

The first item in my box was the Simona Henley Blouse by Alice Blue, seen at the top of the post and again below. Oh man, I love this top. I think I've worn this four times already (perhaps including right now as I type). More than anything, i adore the print. it is so pretty and perfect for spring, honestly, I could probably tailor the middle a little bit so it isn't quite so baggy when I leave it untucked, but it fits really well otherwise.

I particularly like the Simona because it transitions really well from casual to work, which fits my wardrobe perfectly. I took it up to Lake Placid with me last weekend for the conference I presented at and wore it with a navy pencil skirt and fuschia cardigan, then wore it last weekend at brunch with jeans and my favorite blue leather jacket.

Simona Henley Blouse by Alice Blue & Luciana Faux Draped Skirt by Loveappella
Photo number two is the Simona Henley Blouse again, but featured the Luciana Faux Draped Skirt by Loveappella. I debated for a long time about this skirt but ultimately decided against buying it for two reasons. First, let me tell you what I did like about it. I

I loved the color, especially when matched with the Simona blouse. I have a hard time finding fun colored skirts and pants that are long enough and so am always excited to try new ones. Second, I really liked the drape across the front, which in itself I thought was very flattering.

The two things I didn't like, and ultimately why I sent it back, were the fabric and the length. The entire skirt was made from jersey, which is what gave the front that cute drape. While I would have been fine with that on the front, I wouldn't have minded a sturdier (and slightly less revealing) fabric for the back panel. And, as is the curse of those with long legs, this felt too short for me to be comfortable in. I left a note for my stylist for next time!

Christiana Printed Pencil Skirt by Margaret M
When I first opened my Stitch Fix box, the Christiana Printed Pencil Skirt by Margaret M was the first thing that caught my eye. The print is really pretty, and it was blue, my favorite color, and I thought for sure I was going to love it. But, then I tried it on. While I did love the length, the skirt itself just didn't really do much for me. I decided that I was only going to buy the pieces that made me feel really happy when I wore them, and this one just didn't light me up the way the Simona blouse and the Pinson cardigan did, so back it went. I think perhaps it was that the fabric of the skirt was quite stretchy, so didn't give my lower half much structure?

Dursley Lace Detail Blouse by Le Lis
My own blouse, The Limited
Oh, Dursley Lace Detail Blouse by Le Lis. The idea here was good, but ugh I look about fifteen pounds heavier. I love the color, I love the idea, but this went straight into the return bag. I'm not sure if it was a sizing issue or a boxiness issue, or what it was.

The funny thing is, I actually already have a similar (and I think more flattering) blouse. Same day, same makeup, same room, same lighting. Definitely look a little heavier in the first shirt, right?
ring) blouse from The Limited that I've had in my closet for a few years.

Pinson Drape Cardigan by Brixon Ivy
The final item, and the only other item from my Stitch fix that I kept beside the Simona blouse, was the Pinson Drape Cardigan by Brixon Ivy. I also went back and forth on this one, but not because I didn't like it. One of my girlfriends in grad school once told me while shopping that I wasn't allowed to buy any cardigans because I had too many. My hesitation was that this one was a little higher price than I usually spend on a cardigan, but its such a pretty piece and very versatile in terms of weight, it will definitely one I'll wear a lot. Plus, I love the sort of pink silky drape fabric. It is so pretty!

I should say that, when I wore this work, my coworker/friend said, "oh, this looks way better than it does in the picture you sent me!" The picture I sent her was the one here on the left. I think the issue is the t-shirt underneath. When I've worn it since I've worn it with a silky white tank with a scoop neck that I think fits the sweater a lot better.

So, if you're interested in getting your own Fix, which I definitely recommend, here's my referral link. If you sign up using that link, I do get a $25 credit, and you will get my undying gratitude (and if you're local, the drink of your choice at one of our local watering holes)!

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