Wednesday, October 14, 2015

All American Surgery: Nine & Ten Month Recovery

I think that, at this stage in my recovery, it is easy to forget how far I've come. In the last two months, I went to and danced at a friend's wedding, I spent an entire day walking around the Adirondack Museum with a friend, and as you'll see below I'm even rocking walking tours at work. I no longer have to plan my schedule around my ankle, and that is amazing. It still hurts, it still definitely gets tired at the end of the day. My left hip aches quite a bit, largely because of my stride. But, I have come SUCH a long way from where I was even three months ago, and I'd be remiss if I get into the grumbling about not moving fast enough without mentioning that fact.

I'll probably give one year its own post, but the last two months have blown by so quickly and change at this stage is slow and incremental, so I didn't feel like each month warranted its own post. Sorry those of you who were waiting on baited breath!

What I Would Have Done Differently - Been More Consisent
Unfortunately some of this was out of my hands. I managed to get a really nasty sinus infection that is still sticking around, even post-antibiotics, and it has slowed me down a bit. But, most weeks I am making it to the gym twice a week, huzzah! It still isn't a habit yet, which is my next goal for sure.

What is Frustrating - Still Not Running
I've very, very, very gently tried it out going very slowly on the treadmill, and after about fifteen seconds my left calf muscle seizes up pretty badly.

What I'm Looking Forward To - Disney January 2016 (still)
Our dining reservations are mostly made, and in just a few more days I'll be making our Fastpass+ reservations. Going to my favorite place in the whole world with my husband back in August was amazing, but getting to go with ALL of my favorite people? I seriously cannot wait. As such, I'm very seriously considering pulling the trigger on this adorable purse. What do you think?

What is Working - Training
I recently joined a new gym (Vent Fitness for you in the New York Capital Region) and I'm really enjoying it so far. In addition to just being a good environment, they've got a great system of trainers. I'm meeting once a week with a young woman named Schuyler, and we're working on getting me back in control of my fitness. She kicks my butt, and I'm still sore today from Monday morning's workout, but it is awesome to be doing something for myself.

What I've Accomplished - These Boots Are Made for Walking
Last month I lead not one but two guided walking tours through our historic district wearing my all-time favorite, slightly heeled boots. And guess what? I didn't die, my ankle didn't fall off, and I could walk the next day. Huzzah! The boots themselves are from Target last fall, but here are some similar examples if you're looking to find a good pair before winter comes along! (here, here, and here)

This Month's Goal - Something Every Day
My goal for the next month is to do something active every day. I'm hoping for 5,000 steps on my Jawbone UpMove every day, and if all works as planned I'll either do lifting, cardio, or yoga each day on its own. Monday was lifting, yesterday was definitely yoga after all those sore lifting muscles, and tonight I'm going to go to the gym and go back through my lifting routine. Huzzah!

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