Monday, August 31, 2015

All American Surgery: Seven & Eight Month Recovery

Sorry to lump two months together, but with all the hullabaloo with our Disney trip I didn't get last month's post up.

What I Would Have Done Differently - Pushed on PT
Going back to physical therapy has made a night and day difference in my ankle. After my first follow up with the PA after my hardware removal, I didn't push him on letting me head back to physical therapy. I wish I would have, as I would have been a full two weeks ahead of where I am now. But, what I'm doing is working, and I'm making progress!

What is Frustrating - Tortoise not Hare

SO SLOW. I just want to go run. I know I am making definite, appreciable progress, but I want to really start moving again. I had my regular physical the other day, and I am at the highest weight of my life which is definitely not ideal. When I get stressed, instead of going for a run and sweating out the frustration, right now I'm stuck on the couch eating ice cream. But, again, we'll get there.

What I'm Looking Forward To - DISNEY WORLD....again
So....yeah :) My parents have invited the hubby and I, as well as my brother and his girlfriend, to go to Florida with them at the end of January. YAY.

What is Working - Physical Therapy
I got to use the stair stepper last week! We were pretty anxious with Disney and how well my ankle would hold up, Butt my first appointment, the day after we got back, the quote was "wow, I can't believe how great this looks. I was not expecting this." So there!

What I've Accomplished - 
I wore my Jawbone UpMove fitness tracker each day during our Disney trip, and I rocked it. Check this out:
7.4 miles, and that was right about where I landed every day of  my trip! I'll do a post soon about dealing with ankle issues while you're at the parks, but I'm very happy with how everything worked out.

This Week's Goal - Healthy Year 2
My amazing husband and I are celebrating our first anniversary today, and we've decided that over the next year we're going to make our health one of our top priorities. He's running a half-marathon with a friend down in New Orleans in February, and while I'm not running I am going to do my best to train alongside him and get ready for running my own Disney half marathon, hopefully next November!

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  1. Congrats on a successful trip, and on your second anniversary! A healthy year two is an amazing goal; my hubby and I, about to celebrate our third anniversary next month, are having similar (though surgery-free) peak weight issues...maybe we can take a page out of your book and get back on track! Good luck with everything!

    1. I feel like growing another person is a pretty good excuse! I'll try to post some of my "healthy" recipes. Now that we've gotten the house unpacked a bit I can finally dig back into cooking, and my ankle is finally to the point where I can start actually exercising!

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  3. I'm so glad that you have the chance to visit Disney again! It's always fun to have the chance to cross off the days on the calendar and get excited for upcoming trips and goals. I posted a few weeks ago and said that I too have had the same surgery. I was wondering if your foot feels better now that you've had the screws taken out. I'm thinking of getting mine removed soon. Thanks :)

    1. Hi Morgan! My foot feels tremendously better without the screws, and for me that was the right choice. My surgeon actually thinks I am allergic to the titanium that we used for my screws, so my ankle was constantly inflamed and stiff in spite of ongoing physical therapy.

      If you aren't doing PT, I would highly recommend it. Post screws, that has made a huge difference for me. If you do end up getting the hardware out, I wish you the best of luck with the surgery. I went in expecting to be back on my feet the next day, which wasn't quite the case, but it really does feel much better now. Good luck!