Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Few Screws Loose

I won't say too much now because I'm on pain meds and am pretty loopy, but I wanted to update you and let you know that yesterday's surgery was a success and I am home resting.

I'm pretty sore, a little more so than I expected, but am making good use of my iWalk 2.0 around the apartment until I can get everything moving well enough to get into my walking boot. I only thought I'd be out of work for two days but once I came to they said I should take a whole week. My apologies if you follow me on Instagram, this means you'll get a whole bunch of pictures of Mr. Moose during the next seven day. More updates coming soon!


  1. First off I have to say thank you so much for writing your blog! I'm 26 and just had the surgery 6 months ago and your stories have helped me keep going. Did getting the screws out help your foot? I'm thinking of getting mine out because my foot hurts so much in that area and the mobility is so restricted. Also does your knee hurt at all on the same side you had your foot done? Mine hurts a lot and I'm just wondering if that's normal. Thanks in advance for your help and I hope you've enjoyed your trip at Disney!

    1. Hi Morgan! Thank you so much for your comment. I'm so glad to hear that what I'm writing about helps you.

      I didn't have problems with my knee, but my hip did ache quite a bit. Both are quite normal with this sort of issue as you are compensating for the pain so your gait is off, and your knee and hip have to work overtime. I'd definitely suggest talking to a physical therapist if you aren't already. I hope you find relief soon! I'll be posting some updates here soon, I got behind with all the excitement of my trip!