Friday, March 20, 2015

An Exciting Announcement!

Ladies and gentlemen, exciting news...

We are going to Disney World!!!

My in-laws have invited my husband and I to join them in the Happiest Place on Earth for just shy of five days in mid-August. My mother-in-law is a kindergarten teacher, so fortunately or unfortunately that is when we are able to go.

I am SO excited, and a little nervous. Excited, because I love Disney more than pretty much anything else, and getting to go there with my husband for the first time is going to be awesome. To be perfectly honest, my darling husband shot down the idea of a Disney honeymoon so quickly that I haven't really given much thought to the idea that I can be in my favorite place with my favorite person. I can give him a big smooch right in front of Cinderella's Castle, and die happy right then and there (he has asked that I not die right then and there, as it might spoil the trip).

My nerves have three sources; ankle, in-laws, and August. We'll tackle these in reverse order. First, August. My family has been to Disney World as a unit five different times, and each one of those has been in January. The only time we didn't go in late January was the one year we were there for New Year's Eve. That was kind of insane, but I love going in late January. Yes, we often missed a few days of school, but the weather was tolerable (sometimes even chilly by Florida standards, which is still balmy by Midwestern standards) and the crowds were some of the lowest of the year. Going in mid-August is hot, humid, and crowded. We're going to have to be very deliberate with our planning to ensure we don't spend the entire trips sweltering in various lines, waiting for rides!

Second is my in-laws. Now, do no get me wrong. I really, really lucked out with them, and we get along very well. My only concern here is that we have never vacationed together. We've done quick day trips, but never anything more than a day or two. Because of that, I don't really know their Disney style. My family's usual is to do as many things as humanly possible, but I don't think that'll be what my in-laws want. But, worst come my father-in-law has his way and we spend the whole time drinking our way around Epcot. Oh, darn.

Finally, my ankle. The good news is I've got five whole months to keep healing, but I am a little nervous still. I thought I'd be a lot further than I am. I talked with my physical therapist, and she said that, worse come, I can hop into a wheelchair. To be honest, that is the dead last thing I want to do. I'm not so worried about the actual walking through the park, I'm more concerned about standing in lines for long periods of time. But, now I've got even more motivation to work hard and get back on my feet, quite literally!

So, now the blog will not only include my surgery recovery journey, but also my planning strategy for our upcoming trip! What do you think? Have you ever been to Disney in high summer? Any advice?

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